November 11, 2015



Hey. Happy November to you guys.
You know, it has been four days since my 7th anniversary.
I really thankful because he is a kind of person who never stalking me, anywhere anytime. It makes me free to write everything in here.
I don’t know why he never do it (stalking me). Maybe that’s because he think that he didn’t have to. Maybe he never worries if he lose me. Maybe he think that i’ll never leave him away. Maybe he think that he charming and can do anything or can get somebody else beside of me.
Ok, that's all just intro.
Now, I’ll show you how my relationship going.
I told everyone that i have him. I told my parents, even i take him up to my house. My cousin, my grandma, my uncle, my auntie, even my neighbors know him.
I told my friends, my hole friends. Elementary school, junior high school, high school, collage, they know him as well. Even i take him up to my collage.
But him? No body knows me. He never publish our relationship or me as his friend at least. Never.
Okay maybe i can understand if he not ready yet to take me up to his parents. But. To his friends, ever he do that?
Maybe he feel too ashamed of me. Yeah, I'm ugly, too fool, fat and short. LOL. Poor me.
Till now, i don't know why he could love me. Or maybe he didn't.

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  1. youre beautiful and he should be proud to have you! darling he doesnt deserve such a beautiful creature like you, you definitely deserve WAY better than him! put your chin up so more boys can see your beautiful face!:)