November 08, 2015

BIGBANG Won 4 Awards at MelOn Music Awards 2015


OMG! BIGBANG is really back!

Yesterday, 7th November, BIGBANG attended an awards ceremony at MelOn Music Awards 2015. They performed If You, Loser, Bang Bang Bang, Sober and Fantastic Baby like crazy! LOL
I mean that they performed like their mini concert. The VIPs also really cute and enthusiastic. 

And this is the link and translation for you guys. Happy watching!

Seungri: I heard that this is an award from our fans. Are VIPs here today? We are always grateful for ur support! Pls continue to stay pretty, happy, bright, and continue to vote hard! Thank you so much for this award! U guys are my everything~

GD: Thank u. We released many single albums this yr & thank u for showing so much love for each album. Also, we have not released the full MADE album yet, but we are working hard on it, so please look forward to it! Melon is my everything~

 Daesung: Thank you guys for giving us so much love all this years, and thank you to all the staffs, YG for working hard with us this year. I will cherish the joy of receiving this SONG OF THE YEAR award forever and ever. I will cherish it with you all. Bang bang bang!

TOP: We didn’t think we would win all these awards, so before the awards, we did rock-paper-scissors to decide the order of the speeches. Even though I cannot talk very well, it is now my turn to make a speech for this honorable award, and I am so grateful. Our team, Bigbang, is approaching our tenth anniversary. I feel like we have received overwhelming love and support from you guys. Like the name of the award, we will be the best group that continues to create fun new music,stages &new ideas for 10, 20, 30 more yrs.  Our members thanked many of our staffs, and our fans, but I think we forgot to thank our parents who gave life to us & take care of us. This was our first album in 3-4 years, and I would like give sincere thanks to our parents for loving and supporting us through the yrs.
Taeyang: This is our first time in a while to attend an awards ceremony as a five. As always, thank u for giving us so much love for so long.  Thank you to all who worked hard for us.Without our fans and our staffs by us, we wouldn’t have been able to endure the ten years.

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