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hello, my name is Raden Irinne Devita Ariany (@radeninee) you can call me ine :) nice too know you:) in this blog, i will share all of my adventures in my life. first, i will describe my self.

you already know my name right? hehe. i was born in Jakarta, on 5th January 1994. i'm the first child in my family. i'm a moeslem.
since i was born till now, i live in Ciputat at St. Dewi Sartika No. 42 Tangerang Selatan.
i started my education in TK BUNGA MAWAR when i was five.
and i continued my study in SDN CIPUTAT 2. then i entered my junior high school in MTSN 3 JAKARTA. and till now, i school at SMAN 29 JAKARTA.

know i will tell you about my self..
hmm my fav color is yellow but i really love red and blue, you will know the reason next hehehe.
my fav foods are chicken, egg, noodle, potato, pizza, crabs, meet ball, hmm everything which have a good taste hehehehe.
my fav drinks are milk, tomato juice and cola.
my hobbies are playing football, watching football, writing a story, blogging, eating and reading a novel or a comic.

and this is my idols..
i love Manchester United and Real Madrid
and since 2004 till now, i really love ILHAM JAYAKESUMA. i like another football players too, such as DAVID BECKHAM and SYAMSIR ALAM.
i love NIDJI and SUPER JUNIOR very much. specially LEE HYUKJAE i love him very much.

yeah, that is me. i'm an ELF-Jewels, i'm a NIDJIholic, i'm a fanatic football and i'm a writer.
WELCOME TO MY WORLD -the art of adventures-

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