Mei 03, 2012





When I am coolly dancing in the group that's one of a kind

In the world and uniquely moving the world

All the elfs in the world fall, fall, fall for me

Run, run, run to me

Lets rejoice in this moment together

I emotionally touch those people that have genuinely , quietly loved me

There haven't been moments where I've said useless things or not been truthful


Our scale is the best and our scale is the best

Everything has to be the best

Super junior is only missing the 'man' from the name of 'superman'

Our passion is the best and our concentration is the best

Who would be able to say we've finished

Super junior is only missing the 'man' from the name of 'superman'

Now, now, now, who is it?

So why do all of you look back when I am right here

Who the hell are you looking for I am shindong

Should I pluck the stars for you? Count them

One, two, three! With the stars we've lost

We are thirteen stars!

But we are not lonely, we have SM family and ELF

Don't be disappointed, don't judge or betray us

You have already become drunk by the 'super-holic'

Try singing the song, and now even follow the dance

Let's get excited together


Back to **

When your heart is sad, when you want to listen to a song

When you need something to lift your spirit up

We are next to you, let's all come together

Super junior, we are super superman

When you're very bored and surfing the internet

If you just type in 'super' our results will come, come out

We are always by your side, scream it out!

Super junior, we are super superman

Even if they don't know of us, we try our best every day

If they question who, who, who we are, we show them our results

Even if the road we walk is barren, we are in the end, super junior

The last man standing!

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